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HyperZ Gaming Adalah Server Multiplayer Di San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP)

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VIP Member Mendapatkan Tambahan Fitur Dan Command Di Ingame.


VIP Member Mendapatkan Tambahan Fitur Dan Command Di Ingame.

VIP Member

VIP Member Mendapatkan Tambahan Fitur Dan Command Di Ingame.


Server Kami Diupdate Setiap Minggu, Memperbaiki Bug Ataupun Menambah Fitur Baru.


Tim Admin Kami Adalah Orang-Orang Profesional Yang Memiliki Pengalaman Di Posisi Admin Dan Akan Membantu Anda Dengan Masalah Anda.

Selalu Online

Server Kami Selalu Online Setiap Saat 24/7

* Improvements to the temporary ban system, temp bans that are expired are now deleted.
* Satchel charges and flamethrower added to weapon anti-cheat.
* Fixed bug where if you join the Field Fight/Derby in world 10 the objects won’t appear.
* Players that are jailed when they connect are now cuffed to avoid them hitting other players.
* Fixed exploit with house selling (details will not be mentioned)
* Fixed bug where house wouldn’t go off the market after selling it to another player.
* Fake killing no longer detects ODM players.
* You can no longer enter the regular players club in AA while playing CnR..
* Replaced Satchel charges with nades in TDM for the blue team
* Removed hidden presents, will be back next Christmas!
* Staff members that are hidden are also hidden from the premium/vip list.
* Re-added /airbrek as a staff command.
* Fixed bug with /togspec not working properly.
* Replaced the /skydive3 MB.
* /Checkban now displays banned players IP for staff members.
* Removed announcement from /cshop.
* You now must be logged in to answer reaction tests
* You are now notified if someone answers the reaction test and your message isn’t sent (prevents chat spam)
* Temporarily removed IRC join/disconnect messages ingame due to spam.
* Increased money bag cash pickup by 30%
* Fixed bug where player that was /silentkick’d didn’t see the message/reason.
* Killstreak messages under 7 aren’t shown in main chat.
* K/D reset increased to 1500 cookies in /cshop
* Increased race participants to 20.
* Fixed string bug with /afklist and /cnrlist.
* Added /setgroupscore for server owner.
* Helper chat is now more visible on IRC
* You can no longer use the /world command in interiors
* Hidden staff members names are not shown under /hsay
* Server now hides connection textdraw when a player is shown the ban message
* Some other bug fixes not listed
[warning headline="Warning!"]Jika Anda Melihat Cheater Di Server Kami, Tolong Segera Laporkan Kepada Kami Dengan Cara Ketik /report Di Dalam Game[/warning]
Ingat! Dilarang Menggunakan Proglam Ilegal, Dukung Semangat Bermain Adil!