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HyperZ Gaming Adalah Server Multiplayer Di San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP)


* Improvements to the temporary ban system, temp bans that are expired are now deleted.
* Satchel charges and flamethrower added to weapon anti-cheat.
* Fixed bug where if you join the Field Fight/Derby in world 10 the objects won’t appear.
* Players that are jailed when they connect are now cuffed to avoid them hitting other players.
* Fixed exploit with house selling (details will not be mentioned)
* Fixed bug where house wouldn’t go off the market after selling it to another player.
* Fake killing no longer detects ODM players.
* You can no longer enter the regular players club in AA while playing CnR..
* Replaced Satchel charges with nades in TDM for the blue team
* Removed hidden presents, will be back next Christmas!
* Staff members that are hidden are also hidden from the premium/vip list.
* Re-added /airbrek as a staff command.
* Fixed bug with /togspec not working properly.
* Replaced the /skydive3 MB.
* /Checkban now displays banned players IP for staff members.
* Removed announcement from /cshop.
* You now must be logged in to answer reaction tests
* You are now notified if someone answers the reaction test and your message isn’t sent (prevents chat spam)
* Temporarily removed IRC join/disconnect messages ingame due to spam.
* Increased money bag cash pickup by 30%
* Fixed bug where player that was /silentkick’d didn’t see the message/reason.
* Killstreak messages under 7 aren’t shown in main chat.
* K/D reset increased to 1500 cookies in /cshop
* Increased race participants to 20.
* Fixed string bug with /afklist and /cnrlist.
* Added /setgroupscore for server owner.
* Helper chat is now more visible on IRC
* You can no longer use the /world command in interiors
* Hidden staff members names are not shown under /hsay
* Server now hides connection textdraw when a player is shown the ban message
* Some other bug fixes not listed
[warning headline="Warning!"]Jika Anda Melihat Cheater Di Server Kami, Tolong Segera Laporkan Kepada Kami Dengan Cara Ketik /report Di Dalam Game[/warning]
Ingat! Dilarang Menggunakan Proglam Ilegal, Dukung Semangat Bermain Adil!

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